Designed for Productivity

Deposit Accounts

We offer a variety of checking products to meet your needs, but they all provide advantages that will help you maximize your assets, such as access to cash anytime with no TB&T ATM fees, unlimited check writing privileges and the ability to track your finances online and pay bills from anywhere in the world.

Business Essentials Checking

With our Essentials Business Checking account, you’ll have the basic tools and all the Tennessee Bank & Trust support you need as your small business needs.

Premier Business Checking

Flexible and convenient, the Business Premier Account has been designed for efficient and informative money management.

Commercial Analyzed Checking

If your business conducts a high level of transactions, then this account is ideal for you. With its low minimum opening deposit amount, earnings credit rate to offset fees, and detailed monthly statement, your business will be in good hands.

Commercial Money Market

Ideal for businesses that maintain a higher monthly balance, our Commercial Money Market Account rewards you by offering easy access to funds and liquidity with higher interest earning potential.

Non-Profit Interest Checking

This account is ideal for those wanting to earn interest on their account balance. Additionally, this account is available to non-profit organizations free of maintenance fees regardless of balance.

Tennessee IOLTA

Available exclusively to lawyers, an Interest on Lawyers Trust Account (IOLTA) simplifies account management and generates funds to provide legal services to those in need.