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Important Information About Your Routing & Transit Number

As you may recall, at the time Tennessee Bank & Trust became an independent bank, a new Routing and Transit Number was activated. Due to the slower than expected acceptance of our new routing number in the payments system, we have continued to honor existing checks and transactions under the previous routing number. That new routing number has now been active for 16 months, and we are requesting that all customers begin using the new number. Please carefully review the items below for any actions that may be required of you.

New Checks: If your Tennessee Bank & Trust checks have 0841-0105-1 under the memo line at the bottom, please contact a Personal Banker at one of our branches and they will gladly place an order for replacement checks at no charge to you. Green Hills (615) 298-8000; Cool Springs (615) 771-7802.

Direct Deposit: If you have set up any direct deposits into your Tennessee Bank & Trust account, please contact the Payroll department at your place of employment or the agency where you receive funds (i.e. Social Security Administration) and ask them to update your banking information with the new Routing Number: 0640-0947-4.

Automatic Recurring Payments: If you have set up automatic payments to be withdrawn from your Tennessee Bank & Trust account for items such as credit card payments, utility paymentsor loan payments, please ensure that they are using 0640-0947-4 as the Routing number for Tennessee Bank & Trust. Most of these payments can be updated by you through the company’s internet portal, but some may require a phone call to their billing area.

Debit Cards: No Action Required. If any of the companies that you do business with access funds in your Tennessee Bank & Trust account via your issued Visa Debit Card, no information will need to be updated.

If you are experiencing any issues when using our new routing number, please email Paul Jadwin. Include the name and contact information of the Company, and I will work directly with them to resolve the issue.

We thank you for your patience and support regarding this change. Your satisfaction is key to our success, and we sincerely value your business.

Paul Jadwin
EVP, Chief Operations Officer